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Welcome to Diamond Chinchillas, I am a hobby breeder from the beautiful British Columbia, we have just moved recently from Ontario, and we are now located in Richmond, BC.

I have been breeding chinchillas since 2009 and have tried my best to breed for the best quality possible with the best animals from the United States, including chinchillas from very well known breeders, such as Ryerson, Torgeson, Somavia, Edgar Hykes, Jags, Ritterspatch, Che Chinchillas, Ponny trail and many others :)


Note: If you are located in the Vancouver area, please call to make an appointment to see my chinchillas and to get information about them as I currently do not have much time like I used to to answer many emails, emails will be answered to people that are out of town and require shipping.


Please note that shipping within Canada is between $100-$150, including carrier, gas, shipping charges, etc, and between $200-$250 to the United States, if you require shipping, please be aware of these charges above the chinchilla's price. If you are not willing/able to afford these charges, please do not contact me, I would really need to keep contact with people that are really interested and are willing to pay for the full cost of the chinchilla, I have become extremely busy lately and cannot afford spending my time if someone is not interested in purchasing.


Thank you. 




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