Diamond Chinchillas

Hobby chinchilla breeder in Northern Ontario

Chinchilla Price List


$125.00 Standard Greys or Light ebonies

$150.00 Silvers or Mosaics or Hetero Beiges

$175.00 Pink Whites, Light tan whites or Light tans 

$200.00  Black velvets, TOV white mosaics or Homo Beiges

$225.00 Ebonies (Medium to Dark Ebony)

$250.00 Tans (Medium Tan only) or Brown Velvets

$250.00 White Ebonies (medium to dark) or Tan whites (medium to dark)

$300.00 Violets

$325.00 White violets and violet wraps (ebony violet)

$350.00 Beige violets and TOV violets

$350.00 Extra dark ebonies or Homo ebonies

$400.00 Dark tans or Chocolates (Dark to Extra Dark Tan)

$400.00 Sapphires

$450.00 White sapphires and sapphire wraps

$500.00 TOV sapphire (Royal Blue)

Extreme mosaics, extreme dark ebony whites or extreme dark tan whites: pricing will depend on how dark and unique the markings are.


* Add $25.00 if chin is a female, or if chin is a Violet, Ebony or Sapphire carrier